Ninth Night

It’s almost been two months since I began my search for a new cover. Needless to say, it has been a rocky road. The amount of covers online for indie authors is overwhelming. I spent hours combing through site after site. Did I want pre made? Did I want a custom cover? How much was I willing to spend? These are all questions I had to figure out. I ended up going with Octagonlab.

I purchased an ebook/print on demand package deal. It gave me four revisions and claimed satisfaction guaranteed. I received my first cover three days late. The cover failed to evoke any sense of romance. In fact, it looked more like a space story cover than a teen romance cover.

I sent a revision email and got my second cover. It was worse than the first cover. I sent another revision email. My designer sent a third cover after only changing the font. And it still looked like a space story cover. I sent one more revision email. I asked him to change everything. He sent back the best cover of the bunch, but it wasn’t near to what I wanted for my story.

Each cover I received seemed like something I could do on Microsoft Word. Satisfaction was not guaranteed. My final email to my designer asked for a refund. I didn’t even ask for my final revision. I only get 70% of the cost of my package, which I have yet to receive.

The good news. I found a pre made ebook cover that I used as an example for my designer. I really like the cover. I discovered it on Go On Write. I just wish I’d found it before I purchased my package deal at Octagonlab. I decided to cut my loses and go with the cover that best fits my story.

I have already purchased the ebook cover. It looks amazing! Now I have to have them format my ebook cover into a print book cover. When that is finished I will be able to upload this story to Amazon.


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