Verve Stone

Formatting has been a curse word to me over these past two weeks. I have had invisible pages popping up in my Word document, footers forgetting the difference between an odd and even page, and mysterious spacing issues that only show when I upload my document to the CreateSpace interior viewer. I will be the first to admit that all of these issues are my fault, but it has been frustrating to say the least. I would rather be writing! Thankfully, my wife swooped in and saved the day!

I have to wait and get the spine of my cover resized before I can order a proof. At least Jake at J Caleb Design doesn’t charge for these kind of changes. Yet another reason to choose him to designer your cover.

I am praying for Verve Stones to be available on Amazon by the end of April. I will keep you posted.

Ninth Night

blogHere is the pre made ebook cover I purchased from Go On Write. The designer, James, made the process smooth and easy with his prompt responses and a positive attitude. I am very pleased to find a cover that conveyed the meaning of my story so well. I would recommend anyone to use him as a designer.

Preview the Prologue and Chapter 1 HERE

The Inspiration Behind Ninth Night HERE

Verve Stones

VS Mock Up 5

Here is the final cover for Verve Stones from J Caleb Design. The cover is perfect. Outstanding. Amazing. Jake made this process fun and his talents are plain to see. He was prompt, friendly, and able to create a window into my story that I never thought possible. I will gladly recommend him as a designer to anyone!

Read the Summary HERE

Preview the Prologue and Chapter 1 HERE

The Birth of Altrea

After college, in attempt to keep in contact more, one of my former roommates started a story, and set out the challenge that each of us add on piece to it before sending it on. I enjoyed writing at first, but quickly realized that I loved it. I had developed a plot line and grown to love the characters. Unfortunately, in one fatal email they were mauled and their path was changed to an unknown future.

I soon realized that I wanted to write my own story, the story I would have wanted to read as a kid. I knew it had to be a fantasy story since I had always enjoyed those stories in cartoons, movies, and more recently in books. I also knew it had to incorporate what kids love: swords, fighting, strange creatures, lovable characters, and a villainous king. The plot had to be full of surprising twists and turns to keep reluctant readers hooked.

Verve Stones (The Legend of Spoon: Book 1) is now the story I would have loved to read as a child. I believe in this story wholeheartedly. I’m positive others will enjoy it, too.

Read the Summary HERE

Back of Beyond

My first draft of Back of Beyond: The Legend of Spoon (Book 2) is 90% complete. I am writing the final climatic battle scene, which tend to be fun to create. But endings always require an extra level of focus for me. My first instinct is to leave a massive cliff hanger because it’s easier. I must dig deeper to tie up plot lines and leave enough suspense to make the reader wanting more.

It’s been interesting to write The Back of Beyond because The Legend of Spoon has grown so much over the years. I actually wrote Back of Beyond already, but changed the verve stones enough to alter the flow of the story. And if there is one rule I have learned (besides punishing your protagonist) is to follow the flow of your story. For me this means to go where the characters take the story even if it differs from what I planned in my pre write. I feel the urge to use the older Back of Beyond with its 65,000 plus words. But deep down I know the story will be better if it takes this new course.