Back of Beyond

My first draft of Back of Beyond: The Legend of Spoon (Book 2) is 90% complete. I am writing the final climatic battle scene, which tend to be fun to create. But endings always require an extra level of focus for me. My first instinct is to leave a massive cliff hanger because it’s easier. I must dig deeper to tie up plot lines and leave enough suspense to make the reader wanting more.

It’s been interesting to write The Back of Beyond because The Legend of Spoon has grown so much over the years. I actually wrote Back of Beyond already, but changed the verve stones enough to alter the flow of the story. And if there is one rule I have learned (besides punishing your protagonist) is to follow the flow of your story. For me this means to go where the characters take the story even if it differs from what I planned in my pre write. I feel the urge to use the older Back of Beyond with its 65,000 plus words. But deep down I know the story will be better if it takes this new course.

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