The Birth of Altrea

After college, in attempt to keep in contact more, one of my former roommates started a story, and set out the challenge that each of us add on piece to it before sending it on. I enjoyed writing at first, but quickly realized that I loved it. I had developed a plot line and grown to love the characters. Unfortunately, in one fatal email they were mauled and their path was changed to an unknown future.

I soon realized that I wanted to write my own story, the story I would have wanted to read as a kid. I knew it had to be a fantasy story since I had always enjoyed those stories in cartoons, movies, and more recently in books. I also knew it had to incorporate what kids love: swords, fighting, strange creatures, lovable characters, and a villainous king. The plot had to be full of surprising twists and turns to keep reluctant readers hooked.

Verve Stones (The Legend of Spoon: Book 1) is now the story I would have loved to read as a child. I believe in this story wholeheartedly. I’m positive others will enjoy it, too.

Read the Summary HERE


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