Verve Stones

It’s great to see the reviews and ratings coming in on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you everyone for your support! Also, the Kindle Edition of Verve Stones has improved to as high as #2,280 in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank!

Verve Stones

I can’t help thanking Jake at jcalebdesign for his cover and my wife for helping with the summary one more time. They are the reasons the Kindle Edition of Verve Stones has improved to #9,947 in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank!


I asked Jake at J Caleb Design to design my cover for Under. He did such an amazing job with my Verve Stone cover that I really wanted to ask him again. And he agreed! Though I told him I didn’t need it until the end of summer because of the editing and formatting it still requires. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for Under.

Ninth Night

My wonderful wife is editing Ninth Night. When she is finished I have one more friend gifted with spelling and grammar skills that I will give Ninth Night to edit. Then I will resubmit it to Createspace again and format it for Kindle Direct Publishing. I am very excited to have two more sets of eyes working on Ninth Night. My hope is to have this story available at the beginning of summer!