One piece of feedback I received from my generous friend who recently read Under was my dialogue felt forced. Her advice was to add facial expressions, hand gestures, and bits of action. I should be better at this since I teach my own fourth graders this very strategy, but I had written this story many years ago.

As I continue to revise Under I have been paying special attention to this issue. I hope everyone can see the improvements when Under is finally available on Amazon! And thank you Robin Puelma for you amazing feedback!

Hard Time Focusing on Writing

I’d wanted to finish combing over Under in preparation to send it to a friend to edit, and then getting to work on the second draft of Back of Beyond, but I’ve had a hard time focusing this summer. Unfortunately, I’m only a sixth of the way through Under. Here’s to a much more productive September!

Back of Beyond

I am pleased to announce I finished transferring my first draft from my journals to a Word document. In the past I have found it very beneficial to let the story rest for about a month. In the mean time I plan to go to work on editing Under and Ninth Night in hopes of getting them ready to self publish. These happen to be the second and third stories I wrote after I finished Verve Stones years ago.