One piece of feedback I received from my generous friend who recently read Under was my dialogue felt forced. Her advice was to add facial expressions, hand gestures, and bits of action. I should be better at this since I teach my own fourth graders this very strategy, but I had written this story many years ago.

As I continue to revise Under I have been paying special attention to this issue. I hope everyone can see the improvements when Under is finally available on Amazon! And thank you Robin Puelma for you amazing feedback!


2 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. Ahhh It’s a privilege to read these amazing stories before everyone else does — you are a natural at dialogue (among so many other writing talents) and your experience at writing proves this! First stories always show a bit of our newbie state — why do you think I needed you to read The Missing Crimoire so many times??? 😀 You’re a PRO now, so tweaking Under will go fast, and soon you’ll have yet another amazing book to market to all us eager readers!

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