Back to Work

Back to work on The Back of Beyond!!! So excited to return to my first love, The Legend of Spoon. Over the past two months I’ve been stewing about the ending of my first draft of Back of Beyond. And I’ve come to the decision to add extra senses to make it the best Back of Beyond ending possible. I just hope it works.

Done Revising

I just finished revising Under and have sent it over to my friend for a read through. The story has improved so, so much thanks to Robin Pulema‘s feedback and suggestions. I plan to have it read through at least two more times by friends. But I can’t wait to self publish it!


I am also working hard, per the same fantastic feedback from Robin Puelma, to make the dilemma in Under very clear from page one. When I started writing Under many years ago I was such a new writer that I had no idea what dilemma was. Thanks to The 90-Day Rewrite by Alan Watt, a book Robin highly recommended, I now know better. But of course knowing something doesn’t make it easy, which is why I will be paying close attention to this issue as I revise Under.