Onto My Last Editor

My wife has finished reading through Ninth Night and I’m planning on sending it to one final friend to edit. My goal is for this book to his Amazon February 2016. Can’t wait to see what people think of this story!

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Finished My First Draft

Happy to report I completed my first draft for Back of Beyond. There is so much I need to fix in the draft, but I’m feeling blessed to have finished! Can’t wait to read through it a few times and see what kind of wholes need filling.

Almost Done

Can’t believe it, but I’m nearly done with Back of Beyond. I’m creating the final three chapters and things are going smoothly. I can feel the excitement building inside of me to finish the first draft. The draft will require A LOT of work, but there is nothing like finishing a goal on time! Hope to be done with this draft by sometime on Sunday at the latest.