Under Edits

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Dawn Wilson for editing UNDER! Now I have to decided whether to ask one more friend to edit UNDER, or start the self publishing process. Either way I’m one more step closer to get the second book I’ve written in print and ebook format thanks to my amazing friends!!!

Verve Stones

VERVE STONES is a year old today on Amazon!!! It might not be the next Lord of the Rings, but getting 56 ratings on goodreads, 25 customer reviews on Amazon, and having the Kindle Edition of VERVE STONES reach as high as #2,280 on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank blew away my own expectations! Thanks to all my friends, family, and readers to allow this dream of mine to be possible! Praying the next book in the series (BACK OF BEYOND) is even more successful!


Robin Puelma just finished her second reading/editing of UNDER! Her feedback on this story has been superb. I’m passing UNDER off to another amazing friend, Dawn Wilson, who is an expert with the red pen. I can’t wait to get this story out to the masses. I’m not sure if I’ll have anyone else read UNDER through before I upload it to Amazon, but I will let everyone know.