First Draft Read Though Complete

I just read through Taylor’s first draft comments and feedback for DESCENDANTS. I can’t thank him enough. The beginning of the story, protagonist’s dilemma, and the climax needs work, but I have a plan and will be working to improve this story! Can’t wait to see how the book improves!


Fun to remember this comment left on my blog almost two years ago!!! This comment alone has allowed me to stay motivated on finishing THE LEGEND OF SPOON, BOOK 2: BACK OF BEYOND! From Brady on May 30, 2015.

I love this book so much and couldn’t stop reading. My parents had to hide my kindle in order to make me stop reading. Whens the second book coming?
I’m currently finished with my BACK OF BEYOND first draft and am having my friend Robin nearing the end of reading it through. I still need to have two or three more friends edit it, but getting the draft done was a big step forward.


Dustin has already edited half of UNDER and as usual his feedback and comments have allowed me to make this book even better! This was the second story I wrote after VERVE STONE way back in 2009. To see the light at the end of a long tunnel is very exciting, but to get there I do have to format the book for ebook and print-on-demand, which is my least favorite part of self-publishing by far. At least I already have an amazing cover and map from Jake at!!!