Under Summary

My wife, Ingrid, and I have been working on the summary for UNDER. Dustin has already read through the summary twice. Now for two more friends will read it over. As soon as the summary is ready I can send it to Jake at J Caleb Design to be placed on the back of the book cover. Then I can order a proof and read through. If all goes well, which it never does, I might have the print book uploaded before my school years ends!


Formatting done for my print version of UNDER! Map complete! Now to finish the acknowledgment, summary for the back cover, and make a proof. I wish each step didn’t take days to accomplish and I could fast-forward to end where I have the book available on Amazon.


I’ve received the final edits from my friend Dustin. Thank you Dustin for you hard work and encouragement! I couldn’t be a self-published author without your support! I’ve completed 90% of Dustin’s edits and comments. I have the cover design already made thanks to Jake at J Caleb Design. On to formatting, my least favorite part.

Back of Beyond

I’m part way through Robin Puelma’s edits for my first draft and BACK OF BEYOND! I can’t thank you enough for reading over my story. This manuscript will be so much better because of your hard work. It’s nice to have someone call me out on my overactive deceptions and drawn out fight scenes. Thanks for making me a better writer, too!