Summary Nearly Done

NINTH NIGHT summary is nearly done. My wife and sister-in-law worked so hard to make the summary sing. Now my friend Dustin is doing a final edit. Can’t wait to get the summary on the cover to order a proof and get this book out to the masses!

PS The cover is done! Just need to get the new and improved summary on the cover to order a proof!

UNDER Paperback Now Available

The paperback for UNDER is now available! Click here!

The ebook for UNDER is now available! Click here!

Check out UNDER on Goodreads, too. Click here!

UNDER is the second story I ever wrote. I started the manuscript in 2009. I wanted to write a science fiction book with a mystery to solve in an underwater city. The story changed over the years thanks to my friends feedback. I’m proud to share the story of Boyd with my friends, family, and readers!Mock Two

Final Edits and New Cover

I recently received the final edits for NINTH NIGHT from my friend Dawn. While I wait to approve the new proof UNDER, and its ebook is being published to Amazon, I’m going through the final edits. I’m also working with Jake at J Caleb Design to make a new cover for NINTH NIGHT. I’d finished 1st drafts of UNDER and NINTH NIGHT many years ago and I’m very excited to get them off my computer and available to the public!

In Review

I just uploaded UNDER to the Kindle Direct Publishing and my ebook is under review! No pun intended. It takes up to 72 hours for the ebook to be available on Amazon. I’m still waiting to get the adjusted print cover for UNDER. When I get that file I will be able to order a new proof. After a week or two I will have the print version uploaded as well! This has been a long time coming. I’m excited for when the process is complete and all I need to do is check Goodreads for possible reviews!