Excited to see someone read VERVE STONES on Kindle Unlimited! I’m working to finish BACK OF BEYOND (THE LEGEND OF SPOON – BOOK 2). My family recently moved to Olympia and are staying with friends while we search for a house in the same neighborhood. I haven’t found much time to write with the move, starting my 13th year of teaching, and my daughter in kindergarten. The new reader and unbelievable cover for VERVE STONES mostly done from Jake at J Caleb Design are a huge motivations for me to get my nose to the grindstone.


Back of Beyond

I’m part way through Robin Puelma’s edits for my first draft and BACK OF BEYOND! I can’t thank you enough for reading over my story. This manuscript will be so much better because of your hard work. It’s nice to have someone call me out on my overactive deceptions and drawn out fight scenes. Thanks for making me a better writer, too!


Fun to remember this comment left on my blog almost two years ago!!! This comment alone has allowed me to stay motivated on finishing THE LEGEND OF SPOON, BOOK 2: BACK OF BEYOND! From Brady on May 30, 2015.

I love this book so much and couldn’t stop reading. My parents had to hide my kindle in order to make me stop reading. Whens the second book coming?
I’m currently finished with my BACK OF BEYOND first draft and am having my friend Robin nearing the end of reading it through. I still need to have two or three more friends edit it, but getting the draft done was a big step forward.

Thank You Editors!

I have amazing friends!!! Dustin is editing UNDER, Taylor is editing DESCENDANTS, Robin is editing BACK OF BEYOND (The Legend of Spoon Book #2), and Dawn is editing NINTH NIGHT. These four stories have been on my computer for years and I’m beyond excited to see them closer than ever to being self-published.

Back to Editing

I haven’t edited BACK OF BEYOND since school began in September. Being a 4th grade teacher, I’ve always found it very difficult to write during the first three months of the school year. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t use the same parts of my brain in teaching as I do in writing, but with winter break here I am finally able to work on BACK OF BEYOND. Here’s to getting through a chunk of it before the new year. Thank you for you patience.


Editing Away

I’m currently reading through my latest draft of BACK OF BEYOND for the second time. I finished the first read through and added a couple more ending scenes I feel bring a nice closing to the book. In this read through I am adding a lot of descriptions, checking facts from VERVE STONES, and enhancing my dialogue. I hope to finish this read through before  September and pass BACK OF BEYOND off to a friend for edits. Thank you for your patients!