Back to Editing

While I wait for the UNDER proof to arrive (Saturday, June 22nd) and I continue to work with Jake at J Caleb Design on my NINTH NIGHT cover, I’m finally returning to BACK OF BEYOND (Legend of Spoon #2)!!! So excited to be mostly past the formatting stage, my least favorite by far, and actually editing my first love!


Final Edits and New Cover

I recently received the final edits for NINTH NIGHT from my friend Dawn. While I wait to approve the new proof UNDER, and its ebook is being published to Amazon, I’m going through the final edits. I’m also working with Jake at J Caleb Design to make a new cover for NINTH NIGHT. I’d finished 1st drafts of UNDER and NINTH NIGHT many years ago and I’m very excited to get them off my computer and available to the public!

So Close!

The print version of UNDER is a week or two from being uploaded to Amazon. I just finished reading through the first proof. Next, I will make the changes in the document, order a new proof, and wait for it to come in the mail. If this proof looks great, which I pray it does, I can release it to the public! I will then make the changes to document so I can release as an ebook, too. Getting so close I can taste it!


I’ve received the final edits from my friend Dustin. Thank you Dustin for you hard work and encouragement! I couldn’t be a self-published author without your support! I’ve completed 90% of Dustin’s edits and comments. I have the cover design already made thanks to Jake at J Caleb Design. On to formatting, my least favorite part.

Back of Beyond

I’m part way through Robin Puelma’s edits for my first draft and BACK OF BEYOND! I can’t thank you enough for reading over my story. This manuscript will be so much better because of your hard work. It’s nice to have someone call me out on my overactive deceptions and drawn out fight scenes. Thanks for making me a better writer, too!


Fun to remember this comment left on my blog almost two years ago!!! This comment alone has allowed me to stay motivated on finishing THE LEGEND OF SPOON, BOOK 2: BACK OF BEYOND! From Brady on May 30, 2015.

I love this book so much and couldn’t stop reading. My parents had to hide my kindle in order to make me stop reading. Whens the second book coming?
I’m currently finished with my BACK OF BEYOND first draft and am having my friend Robin nearing the end of reading it through. I still need to have two or three more friends edit it, but getting the draft done was a big step forward.