Ninth Night

Ninth Night - eBook

Ninth Night follows Liam Davidson, a typical sixteen-year-old boy during his not-so-typical summer.

Liam is looking forward to a stress-free summer at his grandparent’s house in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Penelope Jones, Liam’s childhood friend, lives next door. Together they attempt to uncover clues about the mysterious disappearance of Liam’s aunt.

When Penelope starts dating another guy, Liam gets jealous and confused. To clear his head, he goes for a walk on the beach. Here, he stumbles upon Genevieve, a gorgeous girl with strange gaps in her memory. Liam befriends her and it isn’t long before they’re a couple. Genevieve appears to be genuinely in love with Liam, but he can’t make himself feel the same way. He must decipher his feelings for both Genevieve and Penelope. He also has to determine if he believes that Genevieve is a thief or possibly even a mythological creature. Would that change the way he feels about her? His mind is in overdrive. Who will he choose? And what secrets will he uncover during his mysterious summer?

Preview the Prologue and Chapter 1 HERE

The Inspiration Behind Ninth Night HERE

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