VERVE STONES: The Legend of Spoon (Book 1)

VS eBook

Ethan Spooner, aka Spoon, is a seemingly normal 14-year-old boy whose days used to be fairly normal, too. However, that all changes when he uncovers his father’s hidden past.

Spoon is abruptly catapulted into a new world after a bizarre encounter with a faceless man. As he journeys through Altrea, his deceased father’s birthplace, he discovers powers he never knew possible. He befriends members of a peacekeeping society. Together they battle an evil king who amplifies his power with human souls.

Spoon is drawn to a new life and a noble cause in Altrea. As he trains to join the fight, he learns that he’s capable of far more than he ever knew possible. With a sword and the powers contained in verve stones, Spoon becomes a hero.

Friendship and betrayal, fortune and hardship, hope and loss—Spoon experiences it all. Join him as he begins his epic adventure in Verve Stones.

Birth of Altrea HERE

Map #3

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