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BACK OF BEYOND: THE LEGEND OF SPOON (BOOK #2) update: I just finally finished chapter 17 out of chapter 41. I created a new chapter this week.

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How I Created My Favorite Supporting Characters (Part 1)

When I get hooked into reading a book, I often fall in love with one of the supporting characters. They add humor, wisdom, and depth to a story. Some of my favorite ones I’ve written are in NINTH NIGHT.

Liam’s twin brothers, Carson and Kyle, were hands down the most enjoyable characters to create. I wanted the humor of a bickering old couple that’d been married for sixty years in the form of a pair of six-year-olds. I tapped into my time teaching third graders to help Carson and Kyle come to life. When I got their combined voice in my mind, I found myself building a scene and letting the twins loose within. Carson and Kyle’s actions helped me navigate through parts of many chapters. I hadn’t imagined anything like them when I first came up with the idea to write a love story on the Washington State Coast, but now I can’t imagine the story without them.

Grandma and Grandpa Davidson are based on my own Grandma and Grandpa Aries. My Dad’s parents always wanted to send us home with food, money, or the shirt off their backs. Super generous!!!

Who are the supporting characters you remember from your favorite books? What did you love about them? I’d love to hear from you!

BACK OF BEYOND update: I’m partway through chapter 17 out of 40! I’m adding new material to this chapter so it’s taking longer to create.

Gramhammer Tattoos

In VERVE STONES: THE LEGEND OF SPOON (BOOK #1) The people of Gramhammer use weaving tattoos to pass on their families’ history. When a boy becomes a man, he gets his family history on his arm.

Each family has distinct shapes and patterns. Those in the family are able to decipher their own symbols. Others cannot. To tell your family’s story to someone outside your family is punishable by death.

The idea for Gramhammer tattoos came from a Native American speaker who came to visit the school I taught at several years ago. He talked about how in his village it used to be that family stories were kept secret and telling others could be punishable by death. This idea intrigued me so much that I decided to make it part of my book.

I love that inspiration for stories can come at any moment. As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for how simple details, stories around me, and things I experience can become part of my books. Got any good stories to share with me? Maybe it will end inspire part of my next book.

BACK OF BEYOND: THE LEGEOD OF SPOON (BOOK #2) update! I FINALLY finished chapter 16. Now I’m editing chapter 17 out of 40 chapter. YES!

How Did Silverwood Get Its Name?

In VERVE STONES: THE LEGOND OF SPOON BOOK #1, Silverwood is the name of the Essenzian’s homeland. (For those of you that haven’t read my book yet, Essenzians are like elves. Also, you should read it. 😉 If you look at the map, you’ll find Silverwood in the northwest corner of Altrea.

The name Silverwood was inspired by my grandparent’s cabin. (If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know this is my favorite place.) It is also called Silverwood because of the silver colored boards which wrap the exterior of the cabin. And while it is as fun to me as any amusement park, it is not named after the one in Idaho.

The name Silverwood is etched into the beach wood hanging above the door of the cabin. Look closely and you’ll see it peeking out under the awning above that wonderful blue. It too leads to a magical place, but since I can’t bring you all there, you should check out my book, a door into a magical world that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do!

BACK OF BEYOND: THE LEGOND OF SPOON BOOK #2 update! I almost finished editing chapter 16 out of 40 chapters.

Overcoming My Own Fear

Whenever my students asked me if I’d read aloud one of my own books, my answer was always no thanks. As a self-published author, I convinced myself that the mistakes within my story would ruin my ability to use a story as a read aloud. I spent countless hours creating each story, pouring my heart and soul into it. I was terrified that when I reread them, I’d be forced to see that they weren’t as good as I hoped. Or even worse, I’d discover they were absolute failures.

I planned to use the same ridiculous excuse with my daughter, too. But things changed when my wife started reading UNDER. She commented that she got sucked into the story and forgot that I wrote.

When it was time to choose the next book I’d read to my daughter before bedtime, my wife’s words of encouragement came to mind. It was time to overcome my own fear and read aloud UNDER to my daughter.

As usual, my wife was correct! My daughter and I got sucked into the characters and the story. Insert my author-happy-dance here!

I’m still shocked at the lack of mistakes in UNDER. My success as a self-published author is directly related to my editors/friends like Robin Puelma, Jason Curry, Kate Shramek, and Dustin Terpening. Thank you again!

What fear have you overcome in your journey as an author? Leave them in the comments below.

Dedicated to Mom

Mom passed away 5 years ago on February 15th after battling Huntington’s Disease for over 15 years. My sister and I were able to be with Mom during her final days. I miss her terribly. She accepted Christ as her Savior so I’m excited to see her again in heaven.

I dedicated VERVE STONES, my first self-published book, to Mom. She was an amazing mom. She’d be an incredible grandmother to my daughter.

Anyone you’re missing? Tell me who in the comments below.